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Welcome to my blog I appreciate your visits! It makes me feel happy! =) I love typing so I like blogging! So I opened a blogger, thanks for the visits and support(If you would like to call it that!) Anything you dont think is right for this blog just let me know! By a comment Thanks! and I will write very soon!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I just wanted to say Hi!"Hi!"☺and keep updated for my friend(my corner of naboo)LOL! just kiding! I love blogging!So I am trying my hardest to keep updated! see ya`ll later! (its 2:50 A.M)

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Hello! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! mine was great! I am also sooo.....sorry for not really blogging much! I have been very busy! finishing School,going into :Middle school this year! I am scared,but excited.☺Also (this may seem funny!) HA HA! but has anyone here heard of Webkinz? actually to be HONEST It is like my NEW FAVORITE SITE! LOL! Well that is my story for today! have a good one!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm proud to be an American

Who here has heard that the MOST WANTED MAN IN THE U.S.A.(Osama Bin Laden) Has been killed? I have! 1st by my Grandmother who heard it on the news at 11 P.M and called my Mom! And when are Mom came to wake us up she said"Get up,the most wanted man in the U.S.A. has been KILLED!!" So My Mom looked up this song that some people where singing on the news channel while they knew this happend!,But it also is NO coincidence that "Hitler" Died in 1945 On MAY FIRST And It happened to be a Sunday!,Just like Osama Bin Laden! Heres a Suppsoivelly a link to that wonderful song called"Im proud to be an american! Listen to the words in this American Soldier tribute! If it is not a link,Just copy,and Paste! Enjoy=)! One of my Fav songs!

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Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Resurrection Sunday! I hope you all really think about, what EASTER REALLY IS!! I hope you ALL enjoy a GREAT Easter,and Praise God for loveing us the WAY HE DID!! Remember in 1st John 3:14?Where it says "We love him,because HE first loved us",  BUT,WHAT MOST PEOPLE FORGET IS THAT GOD IS THE 1 AND ONLY TRUE REASON FOR EASTER!  (as MOST like to call it RESURRECTION SUNDAY!),Well have a Great week-end enjoying Easter,with friends,and Family! Really this Easter just THINK What we are celebrating this Sunday for!!! So go have fun eating your Ham,Doing egg hunts,easter baskets whatever it may be! Just remember GOD IS THE ONE REASON!!!! WE HAVE THIS SUNDAY!!!,OR ANY DAY OF THE TIME WE HAVE ON EARTH!!Praise God for all he`s done! Have a happy,fun Easter

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleep overs are bad?

Who says sleep overs are bad? LITTLE SISTERS OF COURSE!!!! Last night I slept over my friends house! And I mean we know these friends like FAMILY!! so they came over yesterday and I asked if I could sleep over!?! And My Mom said"No it`s to soon" But she still asked and it was a "YES" So I was packing my bag and my four year old sister said"Sissy you cant leave without me!,=( do you want any barbie`s to take with you? I said No thanks! she said OH! (the point is she tried to get me to stay home with her) she started to cry! I almost cried myself! she made me sad! so I got her to stop crying because I told her she was in charge of ALL my stuff! So she was happy! =) so when I got to my friends house,before bed I called my little sister to see how she was doing! She sounded quiet,and sad (You know how a person sounds like when their about to cry?) Well,I could hear that in her voice!So I asked her what was the matter? She Said"Nothing I just miss you!"(In a crying manner) I said It`s okay i`ll be home tomorrow! she said Okay! I love you! so.....She made me make a promise not to ever leave her again..UNLESS SHE CAN COME!!! I was like ok...I PROMISE!! The only one reason I am going to keep that promise,and even accept that promise is beacause I LOVE MY LITTLE SISTER!!!! So this morning I called her to see how she was doing,and to say good morning! She said "I love you,but I have a abcess in my mouth! So I cant talk! I Love you!"I said "I will see you tonight!" and thats my sleep over story! THE END!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today was SWEET!!!

Today I went over my BFF`s house after Church it was so cool and fun!! BTW the person that posts blogs/owns blogspot "Opine of mine" Is one of my bestest friends I know in real life!!!!! and so is My corner of naboo!!!!! Wel have to go get ready for Night service at Church!! Check out this Hilarious video!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools has no rules?!!?

April Fools does not have rules! (AS My Older Brother says) LOL So we ALL STILL PRANK EACH OTHER!!! LOL. I prank my sister with easy stuff like "Your baby dolls say your FAT,UGLY,AND DUMB and they also said (In whispering tone) APRIL FOOLS!!! And she will just crack up a storm!,On the other hand my brothers try to hurt people Like my Dad was in work yesterday and my Big Brother was going to call my Dad and tell him "Hey,Dad someone stole the 2 two youngest and left a note on the fridge that says APRIL FOOLS!!" But thats not funny!!!! But on the REAL APRILS FOOLS DAY I took a *FAKE* bucket of Water and pretend to trip and pointed the bucket at my little sister and she was like"Hey thats not FAIR!!!" WRITE now I am doing my Handwriting in School!!!! YAH I HATE CURSIVE!!!!! Well Sorry I did not make it Monday(yesterday) but at least I published a post today!!Well,Catch Yall later! Have a good School/Chore day LOL!!! :)