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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools has no rules?!!?

April Fools does not have rules! (AS My Older Brother says) LOL So we ALL STILL PRANK EACH OTHER!!! LOL. I prank my sister with easy stuff like "Your baby dolls say your FAT,UGLY,AND DUMB and they also said (In whispering tone) APRIL FOOLS!!! And she will just crack up a storm!,On the other hand my brothers try to hurt people Like my Dad was in work yesterday and my Big Brother was going to call my Dad and tell him "Hey,Dad someone stole the 2 two youngest and left a note on the fridge that says APRIL FOOLS!!" But thats not funny!!!! But on the REAL APRILS FOOLS DAY I took a *FAKE* bucket of Water and pretend to trip and pointed the bucket at my little sister and she was like"Hey thats not FAIR!!!" WRITE now I am doing my Handwriting in School!!!! YAH I HATE CURSIVE!!!!! Well Sorry I did not make it Monday(yesterday) but at least I published a post today!!Well,Catch Yall later! Have a good School/Chore day LOL!!! :)


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