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Friday, April 1, 2011

Good day,and how was your APRIL FOOLS DAY??

Hello, question! How was your April fools day pranking? Mine was GR8 I got my Dad twice!! My Mom tried to get me by saying I was adopted NOPE DID  NOT  WORK!! I even took a look at my birth certifacete!!! tell me some of Your pranks you pulled today!! Well have to go now its 12:30(Midnight) so ZZZZ....... Time 4 me!! :) Have a Wonderful weekend Saturday,And Sunday! and if You go to Church on Sunday`s see what God wants you to learn this Sunday at Church,or Sunday School!(I probbaly wont be on Saturday`s,and Sundays! So Monday`s-Friday`s more likely and DEFINATLEY I will not be on this Sunday because I am haveing a friend from Church over (A friend and my Sunday School Teachers!!!) YAH FUN COMPANY!! :) Have a good week!


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