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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Morning!

Hey yall!<I know I said I probaly would not be on Saturday`s but look Im here!!! Well todays going well I help my grandmother do Avon! so I have a job on every other Saturday!! BRINGING HER BOXES TO HER AND HELPING HER DELIVER AVON~!!!! BEST JOB EVER Cuz...I get either a couple dollars$$$$$,Or a thing from the book`s this order I got a lavender bag!!! Well I have to go do my chore of the day!!(DISHES) I HATE THIS CHORE Have fun all of you that get the DAY off of chores,and all that DO HAVE CHORES!!!!~!!! Or your WHOLE LIFE IS NO CHORES(Not to be an offense to anyone by what I just said!!)

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