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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Siblings just keep bothering and bothering!!! LOL!! Went and did a little Easter Basket shopping for my siblings like I do every year! I AM SOOOO Tired from all the Chores I did earlyer!!! I  HATE CHORES!!! LOL Dont you just love chores?? I had to do extra chores BECAUSE I am haveing company tommarw and I had to help Mom make Home made PIZZA!! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!! well got Church in the morning night yall!! OH!!!! MY!!!! GOODNESS!!! IT IS 12:00(MIDNIGHT) right now Yikes gotta wake up at 8!! better hit the Hay Sack!!! Night!! Or Morning!! Wherever you live!!! Bye!!


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  1. Wow!! Midnight? That's pretty late!! I usually hate chores too. Unless it's helping my dad with his car.

    -Barriss who was too lazy to sign in. :-D


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