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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleep overs are bad?

Who says sleep overs are bad? LITTLE SISTERS OF COURSE!!!! Last night I slept over my friends house! And I mean we know these friends like FAMILY!! so they came over yesterday and I asked if I could sleep over!?! And My Mom said"No it`s to soon" But she still asked and it was a "YES" So I was packing my bag and my four year old sister said"Sissy you cant leave without me!,=( do you want any barbie`s to take with you? I said No thanks! she said OH! (the point is she tried to get me to stay home with her) she started to cry! I almost cried myself! she made me sad! so I got her to stop crying because I told her she was in charge of ALL my stuff! So she was happy! =) so when I got to my friends house,before bed I called my little sister to see how she was doing! She sounded quiet,and sad (You know how a person sounds like when their about to cry?) Well,I could hear that in her voice!So I asked her what was the matter? She Said"Nothing I just miss you!"(In a crying manner) I said It`s okay i`ll be home tomorrow! she said Okay! I love you! so.....She made me make a promise not to ever leave her again..UNLESS SHE CAN COME!!! I was like ok...I PROMISE!! The only one reason I am going to keep that promise,and even accept that promise is beacause I LOVE MY LITTLE SISTER!!!! So this morning I called her to see how she was doing,and to say good morning! She said "I love you,but I have a abcess in my mouth! So I cant talk! I Love you!"I said "I will see you tonight!" and thats my sleep over story! THE END!

Untilnext time~Padme


  1. Aw!! Your poor little sis!! That was so sad.

    -Barriss :-D

  2. Yes She was Happy when she saw me!! =)


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